5G SIM cards will be the next big thing, or so the UK mobile networks pray for, because now the UK 5G mobile Broadband auctions in the UK are over and 5G network has to be installed across the UK and that means another round of heavy investment from the mobile network providers.

The general consensus is that the next generation 5G mobile networks will be delivered over millimeter wave which means that whilst it can provider faster data rates and more importantly faster response times it will be limited in terms of building penetration so applications for the initial roll out of 5G mobile networks may be somewhat limited.  Of course 5G will rely on smallcell technology with large concentrations of small cells, all communicating with each other and whilst this is suitable for installation in cities, it is a different picture for rural 5G networks.  So, if you already live in a city that is saturated with fibre and high speed 4g mobile broadband, you can take advantage of 5G mobile broadband using a 5G Router and probably a 5G antenna outside the building to receive the 5G signal and in the street 5G mobile data capabilities will be fine so proposals for using 5G for autonomous vehicles and IoT applications will be fine, but what happens when you leave the confines of the 5G network and venture out into the surrounding 4G and 3G mobile networks – how will it all fit together?

Who Supplies 5G SIM Cards?

If you need a 5G SIM Card in the UK then all the UK networks currently supply 5G SIM cards and 5G Mobile Phones.  There are numerous online retailers of 5G mobile phone and SIM card plans or you can go directly to the mobile networks and they can supply their phones and 5G plans directly.  

EE 5G / O2 5G / 3 Mobile 5G / Vodafone 5G Data SIM Cards are all available directly from the network online stores, usually paired with a smartphone.

Can I Use a 5G SIM Card in a Router?

Yes – There are now many 4G router manufacturers that are now producing 5G routers.  For example, Huawei supply the H112-372 5G Router which replaces the popular B818-263 CAT19 4G Router and even industrial 4G router manufacturers like Robustel have launched their new R5020 5G Router.  Other 4G manufacturers will quickly follow suit and we expect that there will soon be a Teltonika 5G Router as well as offerings from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless and Option.