Insert your 5G SIM card into the SIM slot of the Huawei 5G CPE PRO 2 5G router and connect the power and the router will automatically detect the network and connect to 5G. If 5G mobile services are not available the CPE PRO2 router will connect to 4G and switch back to faster 5G Internet when available.

Huawei CPE PRO 2

What is the difference between the CPE PRO and CPE PRO 2 5G Routers?

The original Huawei 5G CPE PRO router had 2 x Antenna connectors on the rear of the router so an external 5G antenna could be connected.  This was handy if the router was installed in a location with a poor signal so you could connect an external 5G antenna and locate the antenna outdoors where there is a better signal.  The Huawei CPE PRO 2 5G Router does not have these connectors for an external 5G antenna.

Becuase the 5G modem inside the Huawei 5G router should have 4 antennas connected it meant that connecting an external antenna would not always provide the best solution, especially when download speed was the essential requirement.  Many users would install the CPE PRO 5G router where there was already a medium or good 5G signal and would connect an external 5G antenna in the hopes it would boost the 5G broadband Internet speed would would often be disappointed.  

With the CPE PRO 2 5G Router, Huawei have abandoned the external antenna connectors and all the 5G cellular antennas and WiFi antennas are mounted inside the router housing and have been optimised for the best performance.  There is a growing trend of users of the Huawei CPE PRO 2 router to modify it and add external antenna connectors so they can add four high gain 5G antennas which can be mounted outdoors and in many cases these modified CPE PRO 2 routers have seen a remarkable increase in 5G download speeds, but of course any modification will invalidate the warranty and may not actually improve the signal.