Teltonika 5G Router For M2M

Teltonika have announced the launch of their 5G Router. It will be the RUTX50 and comes with a Quectel RG501Q-EU 5G Module.

This 5G modem inside the Teltonika router means a potential 2.1Gbps download speed and 900Mbps upload speed. However, as always the download and upload speeds for 5G routers is always dependant upon the speed of the router processor, the 5G network and the proximity to the 5G mast as well as the number of users streaming 5G data from that mast.

As well as the new RUTX50 5G Router, Teltonika have also launched the TRB500 5G Gateway in the Teltonika TRB range which is a series of cellular IoT gateways designed for advanced industrial solutions, where a single device requires connectivity. Depending on the model, TRB devices come with either an Ethernet port, RS232, RS485, an Input/Output connector block or the combination of all.

RUTX50 Availability

Teltonika have announced a product launch via youtube for mid September 2022 and we expect product to be available in the UK from Mid October.

About Teltonika RUTX M2M Router Series

Teltonika are a popular, low cost M2M 4G Router manufacturer with popular models such as the Teltonika RUT950 4G Router and RUT955 router offering a reliable and highly functional, robust 4G router solution for remote access and monitoring applications such as 4G CCTV and Digital signage.

We expect that the new Teltonika Industrial grade M2M Router will be built upon existing router bases such as the RUT950 and RUT955 using the same router hardware and operating system but with an upgraded 5G modem.

However, Teltonika also manufacture a range of office 4G routers such at the RUTX11 and RUTX12 with high speed processors and Gigabit Ethernet and high speed WiFi wo the new Router may be based upon this hardware base.

As soon as we get any official update regarding the Teltonika Router with embedded 5G modem, then we will provide updated information and specifications.

M2M Industrial Router for 5G CCTV

The new RUT 5G Industrial Router will be ideal for applications where high speed 5G Internet is needed due to the large amounts of data needed to be sent at high speed such as CCTV. This makes the forthcoming announcement about the Teltonika M2M 5G router for use as a 5G CCTV solution eagerly anticipated.

5G Router Pricing

It is expected that when Teltonika launch their new M2M 5G Router they will offer it at a very competitive price to compete with other manufacturers 5G routers in the M2M marketplace, for example the Robustel R5020 M2M 5G Router.

5G Antenna

The RUT 5G Industrial Grade M2M Router will probably have 5G MiMo antennas and this will mean that Teltonika will provide the typical elbow joint 5G antennas in the box and it is likely the new RUT 5G router will have dual band WiFi meaning that it will also have 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi antennas in the box. Of course these will be detachable so you can install an outdoor 5G antenna in instances where the router is installed indoors in a location with poor 5G signal but there is a much better 5G signal outdoors.

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  1. Since the linux community has declined support for 32 bit kernel development professionals will be waiting for a quality,64 bit arm based products at reasonable prices. 5G demand is slowly growing over the next five years in the uk in competition with moble device development.

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