Unlimited Fixed IP SIM Card

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM

Do you use a normal Fixed IP SIM card and are frustrated by the high cost of data plans when you need more than 20GB or 30GB of data per month?

An unlimited data fixed IP SIM card is probably the solution.  For less that £100 per month you can get a SIM card with a fixed, public IP address that can be used in a 4G Router or 5G Router to provide a high speed mobile broadband Internet connection.  This solution will have a static IP address that can be communicated with directly over the Internet solving the problem of using a normal data SIM that uses CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) and cannot be communicated with.

An Unlimited static IP SIM card and router is the ideal solution where remote access to your router is required and you want the convenience of using the mobile network for high speed Internet.  Typical uses would be for CCTV remote access over 4G / 5G or for office broadband backup.

In fact the unlimited data SIM can be used for any application where you may be using larger amounts of data that make it expensive when using a standard fixed IP SIM card plan that charges around £15 per GB overage and may result in £100’s bill shock if your go over your inclusive data plan by 10GB or more.


Unlimited Static IP SIM for CCTV

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