Huawei AF9E Outdoor 5G Antenna

The Huawei AF9E Outdoor 5G Antenna is a 5G capable antenna for extending the signal of your current 5G home broadband and boosting the reach of your 5G Device. The max speed the antenna can help you achieve is 1.65Gbps.  This 5G antenna is a great choice for users that have a 5G router located indoors where there is a poor signal but there is a much better 5G mobile signal outdoors where you can install this antenna.


Frequency BandN77(3300~3800 MHz)/78/41
DL/UL Peak throughput2.33Gbps/1.25GMbps (@100MHz,full ratio) 1.65Gbps/250Mbps (@100M,D/U 8:2 ratio)
WiFi Protocol802.11ax 4*4
Inner antenna gainAbout 6dBi for N77/N78/N79
ButtonH, Power, Reset
InterfaceRJ45(GE)*2, RJ11*1, TS-9*2, Power*1, SIM*1(4FF)
LED5G, 4G, WiFi
Height180 mm
Width180 mm
Depth30 mm
WeightAround 1700 grams
ModelHuawei 5G Outdoor Antenna AF9E
Colour AvailableWhite

Please note that this Huawei 5G Antenna is designed to connect to the Huawei 5G routers that have external antenna connectors.  The Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 router does not have any external antenna connectors.

This is not a booster antenna – you would not connect this to your router and keep the antenna next to the router.  It is designed to be used where your 5G router is installed in a location with a poor 5G signal and the antenna should be installed outdoors where you have a much better 5G mobile signal.  If the signal is the same indoors and outdoors it is unlikely that this antenna is going to improve or ‘boost’ your 5G signal strength.

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