Bonded 5G

A single 5G SIM card in a 5G router can give you really good download and upload speeds, especially when you get a good 5G mobile broadband service.  Usually this would be enough for a small office, or as a 5G backup solution or even to provide a pop-up 5G internet service for events, stalls and payment devices as well as CCTV.

But sometimes a single 5G router is just not enough.  This is where a bonded 5G router solution comes in.  Imagine using 2 or 3 5G routers that each provide 300Mpbs download speeds and bonding them together to get an amazing 900Mbps download speed and of course the bonded upload speed too.

Unfortunately it is not quite as simple as just ordering a 5G router with multiple 5g modems installed.  This will provide 2, 3 or 4 simultaneous connection, however these connections will all be separate and will need to connect to a central bonding server which can take the multiple connections and bond them together and present them as a single connection.  Without this service, the router will simply provide load balancing and send users on the LAN via the different 5G connections, which in many cases might be fine as several users will each use a different 5G modem but won’t be getting the benefit of a bonded solution with overall faster connection speeds.

The answer is the SDWANPRO service which provides the central connection that the 5G routers can connect to and the SD WAN PRO service will then bond the different 5G connections into a single Internet connection and deliver the traffic to the Internet.

The SD WAN PRO Internet service will also provide a single IPv4 address to enable remote access to your office WAN for remote workers and site offices as the SD-WAN PRO service can also bond wired broadband, 4G routers, 5G routers and satellite Internet services providing the ultimate, high speed bonded 5G Internet solution with built-in 5G back up.

SD WAN PRO Bonded 5G Internet

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